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  • Oral-motor

  • feeding

  • speech and language disorders delays such as Apraxia, Dysarthria, Autism spectrum AND Myofunctional disorders.


I am the parent of Baine, who has been a client / patient of Christina Skurburdis for the past 4 years.  When we first started working with Christina our son was 3 and he was not eating any solid food or talking at all.  We were recommended by many of our support group families that have Special Needs Children that had gone or were going to Christina for eating disorder and speech therapy.   

Our doctor also recommended that we consult with Christina for speech therapy.  We met with Christina and she started working on Baine to improve his jaw muscle and oral sensory issues with his mouth.

She works with our family and communicates with us in a very positive manor that we could also work with Baine at home to continue her great works with Baine while in session in her office.

Her office space is very comfortable and stimulating to my child, welcoming and effective for Baine to focus on his therapy.  My son worked with her for 3 times a week for the last four years and now he eats most solid food from meats to vegetables.  And with this improvement in his eating, his speech was also improved.

We have just recently reduced our therapy times from 3 to 2 times a week and we continue to applause Christina for her great work that have improved Baine's oral eating and speech.  We highly recommend Christina to any families with Special Needs Children that require oral therapy and eating disorder.

F. and E.

Stamford, CT

For a parent with a child who has significant eating/ sucking/ speaking issues, it can be a terrifying time.  My son was diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) at the age of two and we, as parents, were equal parts terrified and grief-stricken.  When we brought our son to Christina, it was with a heavy heart, and tremendous hope.  Our boy was non-verbal, did not gesture or point, and drooled profusely.  With consistent and intensive extremely specialized and unique therapeutic methods (and an equal measure of unconditional love and support both for our son, and for us, his parents), Christina helped our son to slowly progress.

About a year into therapy, I can remember Christina promising me, "one day, he will say, 'I love you.'  It seemed inconceivable then, yet we held on to our faith in Christina, and to the ability for a child to miraculously break through.  Well now, 13 years later, as our son approaches his 16th birthday, there is nobody in his life who I would say has had a more positive and profound impact on our fully-verbal, brilliant, "Wonderboy" than "Our Christina."  With proven methodology, and specialized very targeted therapies, a child can grow and thrive.  Christina has changed his, and countless other children's lives.


Stamford, CT

Christina Skuburdis specializes in muscle-based (oral-motor) and myofacial speech therapy.

Who I am

Christina Skuburdis, M.S., CCC/SLP, has more than 18 years of professional experience, and has been in private practice for over 14 years working extensively with toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children and adults with oral-motor, feeding, myofunctional disorders, speech, language and sensory disorders.

She also conducts evaluations, Program Plans and therapy for children on the autistic spectrum. Clients for whom a traditional speech-therapy approach has failed will typically achieve success through Christina's therapeutic methods.

Christina is licensed in both Connecticut (State Lic. 18.003024) and

New York (State License # 58 009912)


Master of Science from Columbia University. She has received special training in speech/oral-motor/feeding therapy, SI, PROMPT, Orofacial.